Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where does all the time go?

A Bank Holiday weekend, gone in a flash. Saturday, we had a few errands to run, and I was offered lunch in town - we have a superabundance of really nice cafes. Never known to refuse! Plus, slightly to my amazement, the DSM lived up to his name and did not have an instant nervous breakdown whilst I allowed myself to play in the shops I rarely go in to because of the danger. of spending money. Which I duly did. Viz: purple shoes from Ruby Shoesday, a silver and turquoise ring from Elements and a few very pricey flowers from Willow Garden. Gifts to myself because I am worth it (I can get away with that occasionally.....)

Sunday, my sister came over and we trolled off to York, via a pub for a sandwich and a shandy outside in the garden, despite the weather not being quite as the forecasters had predicted; not raining, but slightly chilly rather than sunny and warm. Ah, well. Spent the afternoon with mama. An afternoon is too long - for her as much as us. I think we do need to make it mornings in future. The noted improvement was, we all felt, being maintained.

Then, Monday, ditto with the weather, so rater than idling and basking, we did some tidying up around and about, weeded, swept, watered, etc. It all looks a lot better. We didn't touch the garden proper. We both of us feel that it has got beyond us without some assistance, and we have a number to ring, so as soon as himself feels up to it, we shall go ahead.

And then this morning, I actually managed to get back to the Tuesday morning book group, and had a lovely time despite not having read the book. OH do chai now, too. Just gets better and better!

So, fibre stuff. Has gone on.

Have a dekko at these - cool, or what? My spindle spinning, the DSM's knitting. I was going to do them myself (honestly) but ran out of time before SS, so he volunteered, and finished them this weekend. All shetland tops, nice spinning though I says it myself. Knitting even nicer, though!

fairisle mitts

Then there is this:

embryo shawl2

It has grown. Although I have unknitted more rows than the total here shown achieved. Really and truly. And this is supposed to be FUN!?! You cannot be serious? I could perhaps eat live slugs, or sit in a room for 48 hours whilst someone runs fingernails over blackboards, or watch reruns of Benny Hill Shows. Those get closer to FUN than this. Huh.

I might yet still give up. I need rescuing again when the DSM gets home. I am making a tiny bit of progress. I have nearly learned the pattern sequence (one row, three elements, very, very simple.) If I can just get the changeover in the increase fixed, I will carry on. Otherwise, I shall drown the bloody thing in the deepest part of the frogpond.

I am making the attempt because: I wanted to try something a bit more challenging; every other person in the entire world says "ooh, it's easy" and I don't like being beat when I know I am no more stupid than the next. But there is a limit out there somewhere.

If discalculia is the number equivalent of dyslexia, what is the knitting equivalent, because I almost certainly have it.

Another excitement, to change the subject - a largish parcel from Interweave with books from the hurt book sale. I must go perusing.


Tracy said...

I LOVE the colors in your shawl. Just beautiful.

A Silver Surfer said...

I think that you have a touch of districotism. Sadly, I am also a sufferer.(cf Modular Knitting *****)I'm sorry to say that it's degenerative although gnashing of teeth,swearing and in extremis sreaming and throwing can alleviate the symptoms a little.

A Silver Surfer said...

"Sreaming" - making a lot of noise whilst ripping a lot of paper into shreds in a fit of temper. Recommended as a remedy for frustration