Monday, August 20, 2007

Lost, found, upside down

And that is just me........

There was, whilst we were teaching at Falmouth, the spindle of unknown origin. Not only beautifully made, exquisitely pretty but highly functional. And I had no clue who the maker was.

Yesterday, whilst searching for something else, the label turned up. Not that I am all that much wiser, as a googlehunt has only brought up vendors dealing with the makers' other lines of knitting needles and crochet hooks, but at least I do now have a name - Asciano. I have had the helpful suggestion of contacting one of the vendors of these in my quest for more information, which I shall at some point do. Not to order any more spindles, you understand. At least, not until my two newly ordered Spindlewoods arrive. And the fibre from elsewhere. Ahem.

I am a hopeless case. It is stress-related, of course. Yeah, right.

Also lost. The USB cable for my Samsung camera. That is what we were looking for yesterday, involving finishing the unpacking from Cornwall and thus not getting to veg in front of a dvd and a wood fire. Yes, that is right. We lit the fire. In August. The rain was persisting it down and it was decidedly chilly in the house (thick stone walls will do that.) Anyway, nowhere to be found, and the DSM even phoned the cottage people. So I hit eBay, and found some for sale from Hong Kong for silly prices, so have ordered one. There will be photos again soon.

One of the neat conceits from Harry Potter that I particularly like is the one where the subjects of paintings can move between their portraits around the wizarding world. I think parallels can be drawn with quite a few aspects of the fibre world, but here is one in lieu of my own photo.

I went to coven last Thursday, and Freyalynn was displaying all the gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) hats she has been knitting. There was one I liked very much, and the foolish young woman made the mistake of offering it to me. Was I likely to say no? Of course not! So, here it is. Some nice eye candy, eh?

Meanwhile, I have been heeding the wise words of my commentators, and prioritising. I sadly can't manage spinning and reading at the same time - I have tried, and failed miserably. I do make much use of audio books, and wouldn't be without them and podcasts both, but I was practically born a reader, became a librarian for a part of my life and simply cannot manage without real reading. Anyway, I have finished the Kostova, which I do think was worth the effort, got halfway through the slim volume on Paganism, read another book that had to go back to the Mobile Library this morning whose title I forget perhaps because I found it very traumatic (for personal reasons) as well as excellent. Shortlisted for the Booker a few years ago, not that that helps.

And I have replyed the merino/tencel, plus having taken the Lendrum to Guild on Saturday I have also resurrected an alpaca top project which I am going to transfer to the Timbertops. This will also give me time to revive the twist somewhat as what I have already spun has been languishing on the bobbins for a loooooooong time.

And to finish with, a minor miracle. I phoned my mother this morning. She answered the call after only a couple of rings, saying "Hello" in a bright and cheerful voice, and proceeded to chatter about this and that. (Before getting too carried away, I have to say that she did revert to usual topics after a while, but still cheerfully!) Now, several weeks ago, she had told me that the doctor had prescribed an SSRI for her, this following the DSM having a very long and heavy talk "at" her. Well, bless him and the doc. They are obviously working a treat, and I am inordinately pleased for both of us.

Sometimes Big Pharma does get it right.

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