Thursday, August 23, 2007


embryo scarf

Hush! Not a word! Not one. It might take flight, implode, anything.

See how little distance I have travelled. Believe me - I really mean this - I have frogged and tinked at least as many rows as I have achieved. What is more, I am nearly at the end of the charted bit, by which time the intrepid knitter is meant to know what s/he should be doing. And I don't.

Watch this space. Very quietly and cautiously.

My lovely hat. I should have said - it is the second one on the page, but you might have guessed that, it is the one with cats on. It is bringing me luck. The weather having been almost cold enough to wear it straight away, we now have something approaching summer. And forecast to last over the holiday weekend. I foresee lots of knitting on the garden, hurrah!

A friend has lent me a cable that fits my camera. So I have uploaded a few photos from the Cornwall trip that I particularly like.

Rock surfaces from my favourite beach, for instance.



And these pretty things. There were more at the other end of the bypass, different colours with butterflies on, but I never got a chance to get a good shot of those, pity.


Then, there is this one.


Not such a brilliant shot, but there are things I like about it. the colours of the sea and sky, for instance, which were the intense blues shown. And even more, the gulls floatin easily above everything. this is the shore immediately opposite the Tate in St Ives, and on the very fine day we were there, the beach like all of them, was jam packed. But curiously, so too was the Gallery.

And - I have just in the last few minutes had my invitation to Ravelry. (I think they must have just left beta and opened the floodgates....) Haven't had time to explore yet and I;m not sure how much use it will be to me, but hey, all the world and then some are busy playing and who am I not to give it a go. One thing is sure, I'm NOT going to even attempt to enumerate my stash(es). Life is way too short.

OK, check, upload and back outside to knit. Or frog.



Lola said...

Actually, Ravelry is still in beta. But they're getting new equipments and preparing for their move to a datacenter; after a shakeout period to make sure everything's working at the new home, beta stage will be over. No ETA, of course, but it will be somewhat soon.

Marcy said...

And your name on Ravelry would be. . .?

Leigh said...

Carol, your knitting is it's gorgeous! (Opps, that was 5 words). So far I've resisted Ravelry. I'll be curious as to what you think about it.

Freyalyn said...

Lace!! Woo hoo.....

Isn't it fun once you get going. And such pretty yarn.