Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Summer School continued

Well, there is no denying that this is hard work! But it is most tremendous fun, and our twenty four students are making giant strides - and I think having fun in the process!

We have arrived at the end of the high whorl spindling section of the course - tomorrow we move on to akha spindles and the dreaded cotton. The atmosphere may change then, I suppose......On Friday we are doing supported spindles, and we have been told that various folk are looking forward to that, even with cotton. Fingers crossed!

The campus at Falmouth is really nice, even if there is a tremendous hike up to the refectory and teaching areas. Much easier on the way back downhill, but in either case it is great to stretch the aching muscles a bit and breathe in some near sea air. I shall get my fill of that next week, hopefully. The food isn't half bad, either, considering. No-one would expect haute cuisine in the circumstances, but the meals are imaginative and really quite tasty. It helps, when working hard!

I have a raft of photographs. Let's see.....


The tutors facing the hungry crowd!


The accomodation blocks - very nice!

visitor - Roderick Owen

Roderick Owen dropping in from next door to see what we were doing.

Andean plying thing

Using the Andean plying tool.

navajo plying

A co-operative effort to navajo ply on a spindle.

spindle spun shawl

A shawl from spindle spun yarn. Not quite sure why this person is in our class, but she seems to be enjoying herself........

I will try to do another post before the end of the week. For now, a cuppa calls.

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beadlizard said...

Lovely shawl! Wow.

C, my favorite spinning of all is cotton gossamer on a supported spindle. How's your humidity there? One positive thing about Texas was cotton drafted like thick honey. Give our best to your DSM. --Syl