Monday, July 30, 2007

First words from Summer School


We are safely here, and spinning!

The campus is super. Our rooms, both sleeping quarters and teaching space are excellent. A lot of very healthy walking, though, up hill first thing in the morning, which can be trying!

I finally got internet access this evening, courtesy of a borrowed network cable - the wifi in out teaching room is a poor signal and very slow. As a consequence, having to deal with an unfamiliar way of doing things, this will be brief. I will try to do better on Wednesday when we get the afternoon free. But all is going well so far, although it did seem exceedingly strange to be sitting in a pit in front of several tiers of grinning students! (I might have a photo of that, I'll hunt.)

One more photo, if I can get Internet Explorer to behave - people might moan about AOL, but it is better than IE, IMHO.

summer school

I'm definitely giving up for the night, strange things keep happening on this machine - I need more gin!


beadlizard said...

That looks like such fun! --Syl

Leigh said...

Great spindling shot! Glad to hear SS is so much fun [she says enviously.]