Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well, looky!

Between us, the DSM and I managed to get some software on to the laptop so I can upload new photographs directly to it. Amazing! It turned out much easier than I had thought, I had used the wrong search parameters on my previous attempt, so when I tried again I was more careful and hence successful. Whoop de do.

So here we have :

spindle spun silk bag

An amulet purse sized bag in white spindle spun silk with some clear AB delicas as fringe. I am undecided as to whether or not to go further with the embellishments - I had originally intended to use fabric paints, but am scared of ruining it before the class. So I will wait until afterwards and review the situation.. I am still inclined to have a go.

Then there is this:

spindle spun silk scarf

This is also spindle spun, silk cap that was my nights when I couldn't sleep project for ages. There wasn't all that much, so I made it into a very long, thin scarf, more like a lariat I suppose. I put charms on the ends partly for weight and partly to jazz up something rather ordinary. In the end, though, I rather like it, and it makes a splendid advertisement for having spindles all over the house for those spare moments........

Other than that, I have been frantically trying to finish the other bag and am now realising that I am running out of silk yarn. Never mind, it can be work in progress, and I can either rip out both layers and start again from the beginning, or adapt, adopt and improvise at some point in the future. I will finish it, the yarns are good.

I may or may not blog again before we leave. However, I should have wifi at the college, so I will try to blog during the week we are at Falmouth. If I have time and energy enough! For one thing, my three year blogoversary falls during next week, so I ought to mark the occasion somehow. But everything seems to be more or less on track, apart from my back having gone bad on me again, what consummate timing. Fingers crossed.....mind you, next week I won't have to share my bed with two hulking felines, so that might help.

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Leigh said...

Very nice! Glad things went smoothly with the photo software.