Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some good stuff

A pictureless post, but I will remedy that at some point.

That which was lost shall be found! The yarns for the double layer bag, spindle spun and needed for SS, disappeared. But the DSM made up for much - in searching for something else, he found it buried in a little basket. So I cast on and am halfway into the inner one, and the yarn is lovely.

Except it makes my eyes and nose itch because it has angora in it, bother it. It wasn't too bad when I was spinning it, but the yarn is teeny and the needles are teeny and I somehow have to hold it quite close to my face. Well, not actually touching my nose, but nearer than when spinning, anyway.

So that is one item of good stuff.

The other is much better! We had a visit from a SOAR friend last night, plus husband and two teenagers, who were all lovely. Fortunately, I had planned an absolutely no-fuss supper, as they were over an hour later than they had said - no-one takes our little British roads seriously, it may not be all that far in miles but in traffic density and bends, it is!

Still, we all hung out in the kitchen over cups of tea, while I threw ingredients into a pan and made pasta - the salad was all ready, and I just had strawbs, rasps and redcurrants for pudding. Sat over the dinner table for ages clearing our plates, then just sat talking in the more comfortable chairs until really quite late.

It was...well, a real treat. I am going to miss seeing my friends at SOAR quite a lot this year, so this was a not-so-small consolation prize. Plus getting to meet the rest of the family as well, something that doesn't so often happen. Mind you, I opened my big gob with a remark about margaritas and the strength thereof, and got a metaphorical dig in the ribs.......oops.

So, I need to go play with my hackle, prepare some samples for Friday's AH class. By golly, that's come around fast. And Beowulf tonight, another really good treat. Might try to sneak my camera down to the theatre.....

And finally....It Is Not Raining, day 3. Wow.

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