Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rapid final rundown

I need to get the last bit of our trip blogged and return properly to real life! So I will put a few photos up here, the rest are on Flickr, and if anyone really wants to see them, just click on on and by the magic of the internet you will be transported.....

We did a little grockling around Tahoe....


Including the famous Emerald Bay that all SOAR photographers seem to have visited.....

Emerald Bay

Side trip to Fallen Leaf and Lily Lake, this being the latter......

Lily Lake

Near where I found more than one beautiful tree to photograph....


And then SOAR was over for another year, so we hit the road.

Emigrant Gap

If memory still can function accurately, this is Emigrant Gap. You can see why folk wanted to, emigrate, I mean. All that light and space.

This is the cabin we rented for the last few days. If we had spent the entire three weeks there it wouldn't have been long enough.


It is just outside Point Reyes Station, which felt like an exotic Hebden Bridge (although we do have good coffee too). Point Reyes itself, and Tomales Bay are lovely, and another fabulous area for birdwatching.

Please note the pink object toward the back of the photo. This was our own personal, private hot tub. Now, I have dipped toes in these things before, and always shot out screaming, never to immerse my entire body. This one was not only very slightly cooler, but it was our own, right outside the bedroom door. It would have been wussy in the extreme not to have had a go.


It was hot. Most of the time I kept the upper half of my body in the night air. And the first time, when the night was warmer and clearer, I sat in the garden for a good half hour to recover. In November. But It was good, ok, I admit it. If it weren't for the lace of flat space, not to mention the midges, I would be tempted......

Moving on.


The DSM reverting to childhood and pretending to be a buccaneer at Drakes Bay on Point Reyes.

(no subject)

Having a picnic in the car because of the howling wind outside, with an audience on the bonnet. There was another perched beside the car on the ground, a raven no less. Cheeky buggers.


And, finally, because we can't go to Northern California without visiting redwoods, a shot from Muir Woods which was not all that far away.

It is raining again today. As it was yesterday, which is no doubt one of the reasons that I succumbed to a massive fit of the glooms. Better today, despite the leaden skies and the off-again-on-again rain. Back to reality with a vengeance, she cliched. Including the fact that as I didn't get to cleaning the house before going away, it really is essential that it is done now.

But - there is lovely new fibre to spin and work to be done. Friday I was at AH, but my next class there is in less than three weeks and I need to do preparation for that. Saturday was Guild, quite nice, good to catch up with people. The next Guild meeting is Christmas and the Secret Santa, for which I am not prepared, so there is that to do, too. And then, next year is the year of the spindle spinning classes - looks like another one is taking shape - so I need to do lots of it, and actually make something, well, several somethings. Not a chore, should be fun.

Then, next weekend, I am back at AH on a knitting class. Yeah, need to get fettling those pointy sticks.

So. So. Right.

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