Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Deathing breeply

Because the air is thin up here. Two steps up, and I'm not a pretty sight!

Having a great time, what else can I say? Granlibakken is just as good as ever, and although there are faces missing at SOAR, there are still plenty of old friends not to mention new ones in the making. Our classes are interesting, and I will cover those in much greater detail when we get home.

I wish I could post photos - Tahoe is gorgeous at this time of year. After Thursday, when we have hit the market, we are going to grockle around the lake (including hunting down a bead shop that has been recommended to me) for a couple of days. After that we head back to the coast and more birdwatching. We had our first taste of that, about which I will also wax more lyrical later, with Sara's sister Sue last Saturday. I have to say, going out with an experienced birder is quite the experience. My World List has about trebled, if not more so.

And finally - as the clock is ticking down on this 'ere computer - Freyalynn! Conehenge lives! I'll try to get a snap. By golly, pine resin is hard to get off the fingers!


Freyalyn said...

Yes, I think I remember the stickiness from last time. Smells nice, though. Glad you're having such a good time. Weather is glorious here, just turning cold, but clear and crisp.

I am extremely green but thinking good, unselfish thoughts to get myself through.

Sarah said...

Ha, Freyalyn, i thought for a minute you were green from the dyeing you are doing for our guild.

I am emerald green too (but appeased by sparkly crisp weather). Am offering it all up.