Thursday, November 23, 2006

And the rain (deedle deedle dee) came down....

Something like that, anyway. Track from "A Bigger Bang". I think. Could be wrong.

A combination of atrocious weather and what I think must be a discombobulation of the brain chemistry due to changing time-zones a couple of weeks ago (its a good enough story for me at the moment anyway)finds me chewing the carpet as I claw my way up from it. This had better be only temporary, or I will be appearing in the News of the World (shudder).

Of course, an excess of house cleaning won't have helped. Let this be an object lesson to me - never, ever go away leaving a house uncleaned after builders have been around. Yikes, enough to send anyone to the funny farm. It is gradually looking a bit more like its usual state of chaos, the DSM has kindly volunteered to finish up a few bits whilst I am away this weekend, and then next week I can tackle the new ironing mountain whilst sueb is here, so I have company to chat to the while.

In order to preserve some shreds of sanity, I have managed to do a little knitting and spinning. I finished a bundle of nice Freyalynn-dyed stuff, very pretty, should be enough for a sock. I would have a photo if I didn't have a head full of cotton wool. I have started spinning some rather lush camel and silk from Adelaide Walker, slightly tricky in that you might think it needs to be very fine with a moderately high degree of twist but it actually seems to prefer a medium thickness and as low a twist as is consistent with the stuff holding together. Might get to AW next week, and might get some more, if I can get a sample of this plyed and examined.

Have vowed and determined to spindle spin the pretty blue from Carolina Homespun that I got at SOAR, so I can try out our new Lizzy Kate, all this as part of the preparations for next years workshops. Another of which hove in to view yesterday, perhaps. Although that would be in 2008. Not sure that I can cope with this, and am sure that I definitely need at least a PDA. Preferably a Blackberry, but think they are too expensive. I also checked out the already spindle spun yarn, and find there is quite a bit of it - white, ready to be dyed. Need to assess, decide on what to make, and dye.

I seem to have found a lovely big bag of Wolf lichen in my suitcase. Dear me, it must have crept in there when we stopped to admire the view just where they had been doing some tree felling down the road from Granlibakken. What a good job that there are no beagles specially trained to sniff that out......So acid yellow and teal green sounds good, no?

So, I am off to AH for three days of knitting course. I used to hate knitting, but find that I have become more and more reconciled to it, and want to expand my horizons a bit. This is covering bits and pieces and joinings and finishings, all sorts of tips and wrinkles. Plus we are to take a bag or two of odds and sods and work on how to design what to make with them. I have a lovely bag of pinks and purples that a friend gave me recently that is just the job for that part.

This should hopefully take my mind off myself being negative and refocus me - AH is always nice to stay at and there are some friends doing the courses too. I intend to pack a bottle or two, and go with the intention of both working and relaxing.

Fingers crossed.

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Sara said...

Ah, AH. If I had my way, I'd book that garret room I had the first year: small and cosy, and a great view. Good food, and nice place to sip tea and knit.

Have fun, a weekend of relaxing fiber is about what I'm ready for (again!).