Monday, June 26, 2006

Stepping off the cliff time

I have no photographs and precious little advancement on WIPs. I have, of course, being doing some stuff - it is a seriously bad sign if I don't pick up a spindle, or knitting needles, or touch a wheel on a day. Squalls, murrain and the ninety ninth horseman time, if you get my drift. Personally speaking, of course.

Saturday we visited my mother, and I took my spindle. Got a fair bit done. I feel totally inspired by this simple project, and want the yarn done so I can dye it. I am thinking natural, and decidedly funky. The reds give a wild magenta if whisked through an ammonia afterbath, and if I could combine that with indigo, it could look very cool. May be biting off more than I can chew? Worth a shot, though. I ought to do a sample before the summer ends. Although it is now tempting to say what summer, as it has disappeared, and we are back to damp grey, grey, grey.

The jacket is on the final few steps, and I have nearly settled on how to do the finishing touches. Knitted hems to turn under for the sleeves, and indeed, maybe for the bottom as well, it would be a simple matter to go back and add on. This would give a nice, clean line to the orange/brown 2/2 faux rib. (Doesn't that sound posh, eh?) Plain orange for the front bands after all, in the interest of simplicity and cleanness of line. Soon, soon.

Once Woolfest is over, anyway. I'm in the final stages - printing off price lists &etc, rounding up those little things that may or may not be needed, like sellotape and blu-tac, drawing pins and gin (oops!) I so wish I were a saner person - I am really looking forward to it, I mean quite apart from anything else, it is a huge social blast, you get to see all your mates, pretty much, plus one or two who aren't....I can't help wondering if someone will actually manage to creak out a greeting this year, but am not holding my breath (cheesey grin). I am going to try out, but not buy, a travelling wheel, and have a serious look, and maybe buy, a Yarnshifter. Other than that, I have no plans for purchases, although you never do know what will follow you home. I am expecting to be working my socks off, I think it could be busier this year than last. But I feel anxious about it as well, and for no good reason at all. (Kick.)

So, expect silence from me for the next week. Unless I think of something totally witty and irresistible to say, of course. Full report when we get back.


kimd said...

"I am going to try out, but not buy, a travelling wheel". Sounds like some famous last words to me!!

What's a Yarnshifter?

Sara said...

Well, let's hope for the creaked out greeting, and an end to it all. Have fun, raise a toast, and sell lots.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

yarnshifter - sounds like a shapeshifter - y'know, something employed to change the shape of yarn, so my stash looks SO MUCH SMALLER to mr india..

Freyalyn said...

Yes, I'm a bit anxious too, again for no good reason. I keep looking at all the stuff that's going, and hope nowhere near as much will come home. But it will be fun - when everything's in the Landy and on the way up. I'm writing lists today.

Sarah said...

I too had a chortle at the prospect of you resisting a travelling wheel.

Have ordered lunch for Saturday- some veggie, some fish and some meat for the carnivores. I know it is incredibly lazy to order, but on Friday i am at a conference with cocktails afterwards, and i am not sure any sarnies made after this would be edible.

Stop worrying- it will all be fine.