Monday, June 05, 2006

Crawling out from under..... what me and my inner P began to do by the end of last week.

We took my Ma-in-law out for the afternoon to Trelissick Gardens to see the spring flowers and have a cream tea. I was quite amazed when these two photos came out ok, as I was very close up and there was a breeze.



Gorgeous, eh? Then, I was amazed all over again when, fossicking about on the internet for something else, of which more later, I found this link The video is not of the best quality, at least on my pc, but you do get some more views of what is a stunningly beautiful garden.

To get there, we went over on the King Harry Ferry, a thing that I just love to do. Oh, what the heck, whilst I'm giving the silly links, here's the webcam. I'm never sure just how convinced I am by webcams, but for what it's worth....KHF

Anyways, we arrived there just as it set off back to the other side, but no hardship, a lovely day and it is always good to watch the river. They load up - well, halfload - and return, but as they are getting to our side, there is suddenly a lot of noise and bustle, men called to the cockpit, whatever. Three cars are let off, and the ferry does the fastest turnaround I've ever seen back over. Meanwhile, sound of sirens....

King Harry Ferry

A fire engine and two Fire Service cars are taken aboard no less, and again given a very fast trip. Turns out that there is a thatched cottage on fire somewhere - that being the operative word, as they are not actually all that sure where they are going. This is not to disparage the Fire Service - this part of Cornwall - well, most of Cornwall - is full of twisting, narrow maze-like lanes and isolated farms and cottages. But sadly, they were too late, it seems, and the cottage was destroyed.

Another pleasure of this trip was that we were on higher ground, slightly, and more open than we are at home, so we could enjoy the lovely light evenings - and the sunsets. Another photo that I hadn't particularly expected to work, although I have done sunsets and sunrises before. I always love them.


And in amongst all these excitements, was there craft work? Well, some. I'll get to that soon. Soon.

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Leigh said...

Beautiful photos. Can we expect to see any forthcoming design boards? ;)