Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's all coming together

This little lot - and lots more besides - arrived in the post this lunchtime.


Our consignment of spindles and nostepinnes from Greensleeves for Woolfest. It is a super batch, I am going to be hard put to it not to keep any for myself.......

I was talking to someone earlier today, and apparently there are going to be even more vendors at Woolfest this year. Which can't be bad. I'm not sure if I want to have time to go shopping myself, or if I want to be so busy on our own stall that I don't have time or energy! Everything is here now except the last batch of Bossies, which are hurtling through the air as we speak (or more likely lurking in a dark corner of some Sorting Office) and I am quite sure they will be with me any day now.

Spindles are the most important thing, of course, but we have some good fibres again as well. Still, this isn't meant to be a commercial, just me gloating over goodies and making a note to self not to get stressed out about anything. It will be fun whatever.

On the creative front, I have taken a deep breath and had another go at silk dyeing, this time with the right amount of mordant after my unaccountable lapse. I'm not doing enough dyeing of any sort, that's the trouble. You need to keep on practising, like any other skill. So I will.

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Charleen said...

Pretty spindles! I agree about the practice, practice. I plan on doing a lot of this after tomorrow.