Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back on the horse again

I have been trying, both pre and post our "holiday" to spin something as many days as possible. Whilst not wanting to sound like a refugee from the Spinlist, I do actually find it shall we say centring. As grist to my mill came a length of roving that I had dyed some time ago, I had thought not terribly successfully. I did it with a kind of hot pour method just after I got the fish kettle (it's probably in the archives somewhere, but I can't be bothered to look). I hadn't tossed it out so thought I might as well spin it one night. It has in fact turned out quite well, unfelted and soft from the gentle dye method, and the deficiencies in the colouring well-disguised in the spinning. Enough for a hat, methinks.

blue yarn

Whilst away, I actually completed two very quick simple spiral bracelets, to go into the gift stash. I've photographed them against the yarn to give an idea of scale to both, hopefully. Note to self: must carry around a coin for that purpose. Not hugely exciting, but always fun to do.

red & green spiral bracelets

But I have also finally finished....the seaside amulet bag. And I do really rather like it.

seaside amulet bag

I didn't do any sort of chart, just winged it. It really didn't seem necessary, as it was only meant to be impressionistic anyway. I was rather conservative with my use of charms (for which many grateful thanks, Sara) - the bag came out somewhat smaller than I had intended (it knew the right thing to do) and I didn't want to overwhelm it. But this does mean that I have lots of goodies left to do more marine-inspired pieces. I particularly love the crab - so very appropriate for a Cromer girl! I had thought to put a mermaid on, too, but it just didn't work. I think she may just get centre-billing in a piece of her own.

Anyway, moving on - the sun is shining and it is hot. On reflection, I could have given everyone fair warning of that, as I am doing a dyeing class on Friday. Sigh. But I have also been inspired to start playing around with silk, soy &etc again, as we have a few fine days forecast to get everything dry in. Today, logwood. I am also going to do cochineal, osage, maybe instant indigo assuming I can find it and it hasn't gone off, madder and some mixes - I am using extracts, of course. Having gone through the dyestuff stash, though, for Friday, I have a lot of different things, and need to give some serious thought to using most of it up. I have got some fleece.....maybe I should use that, and go for a sweater? I need inspiration!

Photos of all that later.


Sara said...

You're back! Nice trip? Seaside Bag is too cute, looks quite like a mini Beach Bag, no?

Leigh said...

I love the yarn! And the bag is cool too.

Gail said...

Darling amulet bag Carol. The yarn color looks yummy too

Sarah said...

The seaside amulet bag is totally delicious! The charms add another dimension to it (you credited Sara- were teh charms from her?).