Sunday, March 03, 2013


It was an absolutely lovely day, so of course, we had to be inside all day!

Four times a year, members of the Bradford Guild demonstrate at the Industrial Museum - this is where we regularly meet, and is a repayment for getting the meeting room at a preferential rate, so fair dos.

Actually, we had a good day. Excellent company, some pleasant and interested visitors, and plenty of spinning done. I had taken my Sidekick, and a big bagful of lovely Polwarth and silk that had been lurking in the stash for far too long. Nearly filled a bobbin, but there is still a way to go, I think sufficient for a waistcoat. I was very interested to compare this blend, having been spinning a lot of merino and silk recently - I like this much better, there seems to be lots more character to it. I suppose merino is as ubiquitous as it is because it is so.......ubiquitous! Yeah, clear as mud - I mean, it is the commercial crop, so there is a lot of it for the craft market as well.

On the way over to Bradford, I noticed a Zwartbles sheep in a field not far away from home. Now that is something I need to keep an eye on. Although I imagine the owner is a spinner and all the fibre is spoken for.

I had wanted to stop off somewhere on the way home, but we were too late leaving the museum. So, we had to go out again later, there was someone very important to meet.

This (I hope, still not familiar with the process) is Toby, just over 24 hours old, and totally gorgeous. I am not usually one to go doolally over newborns, but he is a bit special. He was completely unfazed by prolonged cuddles with great uncle and aunt, and has won the DSM over completely. Demanding return visits soon, no less.

Well, why not.........

eta: the first photo doesn't seem to show up well on Blogger, so let's try this earlier one as well.

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Sara said...

Awwwwww! He's a cutie :), pink cheeks and all.

So Much Fun!
Congrats to the family, and the new Grandma. Is sheover the moon?!