Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chariots and arrows

And other quoty type words associated with time. Good intentions failure, as well.

My lovely DMIL is always saying faintly to us that she doesn't know how we get so much done. I can never quite see it, myself, as from where I sit, an awful lot of time seems to be spent on the iPad.....however, I suppose it has been a bit hectic lately.

Flying visit to Cornwall to family-visit, all very nice. Lovely to see them all, and the sea!


I did try to upload a video of the waves crashing in on the shore, but the file was too large.

We were hunting for photo-ops various for me, like rust, and abandoned hulks, with no success, but did find a rather picturesque back street.


Since getting back, I have had a day at AH, playing with madder, which was fun; a day at Guild, with an extremely interesting talk by Val Bryant, on the research into old spinning wheels that she had been doing; and Bear Knitters followed by a visit to Toby!


And finally......we have the keys to the studio, and are in the process of installing ourselves. We decided that it made sense to slap a coat of fresh white paint on the walls before we started moving things in, so we have been doing that today.


It is a difficult space to photograph. I used the iPad for this, but will take some more when we are all installed. It might help me feel less of a fraud!

All exciting, anyway. I am doing stuff at home, but slowly, slowly. Tiding me over before the fun really begins!

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Sara said...

lovely all around: Nice space, good light, cute baby, seaside and back alley charm.