Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring? Winter? Who knows!

We had thought it was Spring. Snowdrops nearly over, crocuses blooming nicely, likewise the hellebores. One or two daffs opening up.

Then, whoops! 36 hours of teeny flakelets of snow, biting winds, zero temperatures....we crossed the river to the Pig on Saturday and felt we had made an arctic expedition!

We were peeved because we had to cancel an essential trip to Adelaide Walker for fibre and Bettys for tea (if anyone's supplies need replenishing, give us a shout out as we are rescheduling for later this week and could post from New York.). And we couldn't do the second (aargh) run to Ikea...would you believe, on the first, they had shelf unit side pieces but no shelves; a table top but no legs. We then thought we would order on line but that works out more expensive than going back.

This is for equipping the studio cheaply and effectively. But it worked out ok in the end a the weather meant that carrying stuff up the outside staircase would NOT have been fun, so never mind. We will get installed one day very soon, now. Then there will be photos, not to mention work actually done.

Sitting in by the blazing wood fire had been productive as well as cosy. I actually have an FO.


This is Lucky Spirale, a free pattern from Ravelry. It is called a shawl, but in my book is a scarf of a rather interesting shape. Started narrow and widening as you go, the wider end stretches out to kind of balance the thing when wound around your neck. The yarn is from a very nice alpaca and silk that I got from Toni at the Fold a couple of years ago. More or less dk, nice flecks of silk, warm. A small thing, but I am pleased with it.

I have plenty more yarn, so have cast on fingerless gloves, very plain with a simple cable. Ah, yes, so simple! I have only had to frog once, having got my cable forwards and cable backs confused.......I still have time to finish them, if only on the plane, for the trip to New York City, so nearly upon us - nearly time to get excited........

The extraordinary weather is likely to be with us for several more days. I nearly walked in to this on my way out the door this morning. Again, totally unusual, at least so close to the house.

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