Monday, January 30, 2012


In the case of the Einstein coat, technically not quite, as I need buttons. But knitting and finishing done - it needs a good press, and it has its little quirks, but it looks ok on and is going to be very warm and useful.

I love the colourway, and am really sorry that I shall never be able to get any more.

I do also like the finished garment, and daft as I am will probably do another one, this time according to the pattern not just thinking my way would be better....Having said that, I could not fathom the instructions for knitting on the collar, which is why my version has a small crocheted edging to stabilise it. But I do know someone who has done a couple of them, so I could always get her advice.

The second FO is my very first piece of colourwork!

Very, very simple, and I not quite in jest reckon that I chose the colours so that mistakes wouldn't show up. Actually, I had some Cascade 220 I had bought for a different project, and thought that it would be much better used for a hat, mitten and scarf combo for my Canada trip. If I was to have any hope of finishing at least two out of the three, I wouldn't have time to spin or dye the yarn as well. So far, so good - the hat was even for me a very nice quick and easy knit (I loved doing the pattern!) and I am just starting to cast on for a pair of mittens with a similar design. Any luck and I can get them done during the Cornwall trip next week.

Haven't decided on a scarf pattern yet, but it could be airplane knitting and I could start wrapping it around my neck as I went.....or I could choose to do a cowl!

Other than that, I have got bored with monochrome, chunky spinning and am going to switch to another lot of "Rovings" Polwarth. To be spun as a medium weight singles for crochet, so a change of wheel to the Lendrum with the jumbo head. And I have yet to quite finish the pretty Felt Studio UK stuff on the Timbertops downstairs, destined to be a lacy scarf. But nearly there.

Please take note of the fact that I mention "lace" and "colourwork" projects in the same breath.

I think I am spreading my knitting wings!


Christina said...

Lovely jacket. Gorgeous colours.

Freyalyn said...

Fabulous jacket. Do you have enough yarn left over to make buttons from it? Either crocheted knots, or little knitted covers for ordinary buttons?

Now, you need to combine colourwork and lace and cables in the same garment!