Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two go mad in Oldham

That would be me and my sister.

As an indirect result of a series of email and actual conversations with various people, we have decided to go on a trip in March.

To Canada.

Where it will still be cold and snowy - bliss!

All has come about in just a couple of weeks, and we are very excited about it. Neither of us had particularly thought about visiting Canada, but all of a sudden it seemed just the right thing to do. P has quite a lot of her annual leave to use up by the end of March, and I happened to have a couple of weeks free at just the right time....

So, we are going to go to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec! Flights booked, but nothing else as yet, but what the heck, what else is the internet for, eh? Oh, wow, cor, &etc. Can't quite believe it yet.

Today, the weather has been letting us practice. Very cold, and a super hoar frost. I love that, very nearly as nice as snow. So I took the opportunity to go out and play with my new camera. (Very impressed.)

This, would you believe, is the top of our wheelie bin, using the macro function!

And as well as frosty, it was misty this morning, although by lunch time the sun had come out and it was a beautiful sunny day - as well as cold. Lovely.

I made a marvellous beetroot soup in the Machine, and this evening we went out with P and had a very good curry - well, three of them to share.

A most excellent day.

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