Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up, up, up past the Russell Hotel..........

Quite the grandiose building! We did not of course stay there, but at the Holiday Inn a few blocks away. But I couldn't resist.

Just over the road in Russell Square, I came across this.

Debris had collected in the shoots from the base of a tree; as my sister and I had spent time on the lookout in New England for rubbish for an ongoing project that my niece is working on, I couldn't resist this.

And a little further on, another tree grabbed my attention:

This is screaming out to be the inspiration for.......something.

It had been my intention to blog day by day whilst we were in London, but photos were slow to upload, someone else needed the netbook, and there was an awful lot else to do even if it was just recovering from all the activity. So here is a cut-down whistle-stop version.

Thursday night, having had a brief rest and a pleasant meal, we went to see "Chicago". Very good, of course, if you like musicals, which I do. Only disconcerting thing - Billy Flynn was actually Helios, from "Merlin"!

Friday, the DSM wanted to visit a specialist chess shop for some book shopping, and as I didn't want to do that, I meandered down Oxford Street for old times sake. My cousin had a flat in a street just opposite Marble Arch, so I visited quite a lot about a millenium ago.) Not so wildly exciting. Shops are so hot, and shopping is much easier on the internet, not that I had all that much I wanted to do.

So, the DSM and I met up for a quick lunch in a Starbucks, before going off to...

Liberty, which is still an interesting shop. Lots to delight the eye - although we didn't buy anything! Even the lifts are interesting.

A few more photos - I did get some funny looks taking them, but did not get thrown out.

I was severely tempted by this cuahion...

But resisted. Cushions are a horrible price in Liberty, along with everything else. I did comment to the DSM as we browsed through a gorgeous display of Arts and Crafts style furniture that there were times that I wished that I was rich, though.....

So, back to the hotel, and then out for a very nice Chinese meal. Just a chain restaurant, I think, but full of Chinese people eating there, which was probably a good sign. Although to our huge surprise, not all of them were eating with chopsticks (and neither were we - we keep trying, and keep failing.)

You know, this post is going to be too big. Lots more to say, but not so many more photos, so I think I will stop now, and do another one later.

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Freyalyn said...

Of course, you really ought to knit that cushion! Do you know, I think I might...

Is the tree trunk a London plane tree? I think their trunks do that. What fun - see you soon.