Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bird post

I had intended to do one post for all of the Cornwall week, but that ain't gonna work. Just too many photos, don't want to crash everyone's systems!

So, OK. It was a very good week, nice weather, except for the last day when it rained, so we missed all the fun of the snow and ice in the frozen north.

We spent quite a lot of time wandering around showing my sister some of our favourite places, and discovering a couple of new ones, of which more later. Our cameras went with us, and we caused a fair bit of amusement in all sorts of places by bird stalking and other weird things.

So, first up - and hence the title - birds.

Laid-back swan at Mevagissey harbour.

I'm young, therefore I must be cute.....

We may be all grown up, but we are still damn photogenic!

These are turnstones, which used to seen mainly on beaches, rocks, etc, but must have been watching the success of the herring gulls. They now regularly perform on harbours, looking for unsuitable food. The three of us spent ages trying to get them to get into good positions, and the little buggers just kept on running around.

And this little chap? Well, starlings may be common as muck, but it would have to be a really hard-hearted soul to resist this charm.

A fair bit of knitting was done, of which there will be more later in my case, when I have redone the bit I just frogged....well, I'll talk about it another time.

So, a couple of very nice yarn shops were visited. I was fairly good, and just bought yarn for more colourwork mittens, to which I may be addicted. But next door to one of the yarn shops was an extremely nice cafe, and though we had brought sandwiches, we were in dire need of hot coffee and a loo, and the menu looked so good that we just sort of....had lunch there. Including, in the case of the DSM and myself, some of these, the specialite du maison (or should that be de la? My French is sooooo rusty, and I am going to have to drag it out into use again soon!)

I reckon the flying fairy warrants including this in a bird post, eh!

More anon.

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