Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More rust

We were at the Bradford Industrial Museum last Saturday, and I spotted a couple of chunks of rusting ironwork that I hadn't noticed before.

So, to celebrate 29th February with a quick post - some images.

I've had a message from a SOAR friend about dyeing with rust, but it involves wrapping the rusted object in fabric - silk for best results - and leaving for a while (yes, I know, other steps, but I'm short-handing). I would love to do this! Unfortunately, all the lovely rusty things I have been seeing are on large objects that couldn't be moved, or wrapped in silk for any time or even at all. Thinking cap on....

I have finished the second mitten, and I found to my amazement that when I pressed them, what I had thought was me pulling the stitches too tight was no such thing. They have flattened out beautifully.

Of course, that does mean that all the mistakes are showing up rather nmore.

What the heck, I love 'em.

1 comment:

Fluzz said...

cheap steel baking sheets?

If they're non-stick, use a scouring pad or wire pad to take that off. Leave in the back garden, wait for rust.