Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In recompense

Too much silence from me of late, so a few extra photographs in an attempt to make up for it. All from last week in Cornwall.

We didn't do very much - the weather was pretty unpleasant, drizzly if not actually tipping it down, quite windy and not over-warm. I have got used to either snow or picnic-on-the-shore weather in February in Corwall, but I think our luck ran out.

But we did go to some favourite places.

I think this gives a fair impression of the weather!

But the rock formations here never fail to come up with something interesting.

Not as much good flotsam, jetsam or whatever this time. There is usually seaweed....

And there were enormous numbers of cuttlefish washed up on the last high tide. I almost felt regretful that we don't have budgies!

Everywhere we drove, we were aware of masses and masses of catkins in the hedgerows. In the end, we did spot some that were low enough down for me to leap out of the car to take a photograph.

We spent a little while by the estuary at Malpas, where we have often seen lots of good birds. This time, not so much - the tide was way, wasy down, which might have had something to do with it. A few redshanks and greenshanks, a couple of shelduck, a curlew...

And these two. (Sorry, couldn't resist! The herring gull was totally fascinated by his curiously immobile companion.....)

We didn't even spend too much time around the harbour, as we had intended, because of the damp and the whippingness of the wind around the ears and nose. But there are birds there - resident swans, gulls of course, and a lovely little flock of turnstones. (At least, I think that is what they are.) Not the most brilliant of shots, a small herd of rampaging teenagers was also passing by and every time I managed to creep up and get some birds in frame, they came along and scattered them again.

There were also boats artistically arranged:

And this chap, who I had not noticed previously. No idea who he is, but he does appear very nautical!

And then, bugger me if I didn't come home with a....well, for want of a better word, cold, although it is more a monstrous sore throat that is merrily segueing into a viscious COFF. I am super-peeved, and feeling very seedy.

Still, it does give me the excuse to loaf around and knit. And I have reached the last couple of inches of the stole edging (didn't quite manage it while we were away, but the latest socks made quite good progress.)

I have about six projects jostling in the bonce for next on the needles. I shall probably end up casting them all on, knowing me.

There's plenty to do!

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