Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I had such good intentions of blogging regularly while we are away. Huh. Failed!

Drove down to Berkshire last Friday, no internet access that night, and nothing much to tell, so I didn't.

Did talk and workshop next day, which were rushed, busy and from our point of view otherwise went well. But we were so busy that my camera never made it out of my bag, so no photos, and what else can one say??

We had intended to drive down to Meva that night, but a) we were knackered and b) it was foggy, so we didn't. Stopped at Taunton at a motel and got a Domino's pizza for supper after a large glass of red wine in the bar, and then crashed. Boy, were we tired.

Ambled on down south west on Sunday, and were heartily relieved that we hadn't pushed on the night before as we had to pick up the key to the cottage we are renting, which meant driving a long way down a very narrow and rough lane seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Which would not have been fun in the fog and the dark let alone the state of knackeredness!

Anyway, a nice little cottage, although with the steepest flight of stairs known to humankind - I am very glad that we are not much older than we actually are!. But - free wi-fi!! Soooo civilized, I can spend hours fossicking online and generally enjoying our break.

Not doing much - weather iffy, plus it is half term and therefore rather busier than we like. Not August Bank Holiday levels of busy, but just.....more. We had an amble around Truro yesterday, as I had things I wanted to check out, like Moshulu boots in a sale (score!!). We had a picnic by the river towards Malpas, an old favourite thing, and the DSM sat in the mizzle and slight chill while I sat in the car and knitted.

Knitting - and reading - being the main focus of this trip, apart from visiting DMIL.

So, in all ways pretty successful. I will take pics, and I will do a better post. But that's it for now.

Except that - as it has gone on the Knit Nation forum, I suppose I can post it here - the DSM and I are teaching spindle spinning classes at Knit Nation! More information as and when.

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