Friday, February 04, 2011

One minute to midnight

I'm not that long back from a pleasant evening at Coven (excellent pumpkin cheesecake courtesy of Freyalynn) I should be in bed, but although tired, I'm not sleepy. So, some random jottings.....

Firstly, because my internet access was being exceedingly flaky (don't you just love TalkTalk?) in that I could not sign in to AOL, Internet Explorer steadfastly refused to load any pages, but I could access the iTunes store, I tried, for want of any better plan, to load Safari, which I have never done before.

And obviously, it works. Not only does it work, but it also gives me spellcheck in Blogger! Neat little underlinings in red, and corrections. Who knew? I may be a convert.....

Ho hum. It is interesting times again. We heard yesterday that we do not have sufficient sign ups to run the Comprehensive Spindle Spinning class at Summer School in Edinburgh (several other class have places as well - methinks the economy bites.) So if any of you out there have hitherto been unaware of the existence of this course, get signing up! should get you there in the end (and I may already have found something I don't rate in Safari as I can't get this to make a hyperlink, sorry!) We are not likely to do this week long course again, so - you might consider grabbing the opportunity!

However, if that is one door possibly closing, a couple of others might be opening. Slightly too early for me to give actual hard detail, but we may be travelling South later in the year to a different venue; and tomorrow, we are going to meet with someone to discuss an interesting possibility locally. Very locally - and I'm very much keeping my fingers crossed that something will come of this, it would be great fun and very exciting!

No photographs - nothing of any great beauty or interest to snap at the moment. I have finished the first half of the cormo and am on to the second bobbin. It is taking an age, and I am getting impatient to finish so I can see what it washes up like. Yes, I know, I could do a little sample, but it really isn't worth it now. And I am still spinning away on the singles - mostly in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. Tiresome as insomnia is, at least I have nice quiet occupations to pass the time. I might wish like hell that I could have a good few hours and then arise with the dawn, but - I don't seem to be that sort of I might as well use the night hours purposefully.

A treat looms on Saturday. (Oh, I'm jesting....) We are going to see the mater in York, and she is going to be organised. My sister is taking charge. I am going to refuse to mediate, my usual role in the family structure. It has to be done - the mater's room is positively lethal, so much clutter it is no wonder that she keep falling. We are aiming to remove probably about half the furniture, and create straight runways.

If I survive that, Bear Knitters on Sunday as a reward.

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