Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not sure where the time goes

But go it does, and all too often, there is precious little to show for it!

Every single day I have been diligently knitting samples, the mohair lace shawl, the square strip throw and the current socks. All have grown a bit, but nothing photograph-worthy.

I have spindle spun a (very) little and Must Do More - there are workshops upcoming!

But I did finally manage to finish plying the cormo, which took far, far longer than I ever would have imagined because there is just so damned much of it! I am going to have to choose a shawl pattern very, very carefully, as I am obviously going to be living with it a long, long time.

It is actually a slightly more teal shade than this appears to be, even though I took it outside to photograph. It does seem to me to be very slightly underplyed - this was sort of deliberate, because my only other experience of working with cormo gave me a lovely yarn, but thicker and tighter plyed than I really wanted, as it seems to behave in a somewhat extreme way in the wash. So I have made a conscious effort to spin as fine as possible, and not to put in too much plying twist. Fingers crossed that it will work - it is sitting in a hot wash as I write, and I shall go and give it a jolly good bashing soon.

And now, I have to turn my attention well and truly to spindling - such a hardship! Having thought that everything was going to be cancelled, when it turns out that it isn't, I had rather let things slide regarding new samples and so forth. Still, it will be fun - I found some fabulous fibres in the stash when looking for stuff for the next few classes, including a humdinger of a roving from Royale Hare (although, looking at the website, I can't see any fibre there at the moment.) It is Wensleydale, in hugely bright parrot colours, and it will look great as a singles (thus combining both of my threads running at present).

I have some pretty merino and silk to finish, and then I will get on with it, and blog it when I do.

We are teaching at a Guild on Saturday, which will be nice, we have some great mates to hook up with potentially. And the following weekend is the Alston spindling thing. Now up to a respectable number of people, but room for more if anyone fancies giving it a try.

And I have a couple of exciting things winging their way through the post to me, but I will say no more at present. Just that some of you are going to be very, very, very jealous!!

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