Thursday, March 03, 2011

What to do on a sunny afternoon

1) Go for a short walk (not long because of excess of coughing.) Lovely sunshine, quite chilly, Not quite yet springlike....

Although if you look carefully, are there not buds appearing?

2) Take advantage of the good light and photograph a Finished (kind of) Object.

Yes, it is unblocked.

Discover that even in optimum conditions, taking a good image of a long, off-white floppy piece of knitting is not easy.

It certainly is long. But the knitting is finished, and really, I quite like it. Plus, I have come to a decision. Rather a sensible one. I have yarn left over, sufficient, I think, for a scarf or shawlette. Which I shall knit, and then dye. That way, I will be able to tell if the mixture of angora and tussah (as I saw clearly in the sunlight) will look interesting dyed, or just messy - without ruining this. So, it will take a while, but we are on the way.

I promptly cast on a bag using singles, going fairly well, I think. I didn't manage to get to plying the cormo, as I was distracted by exploring Photoshop. But that was fun all by itself!

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