Wednesday, January 27, 2010


His and mine.

Involves gadding and spending money, and he stood it very well.

I had the Book Group Christmas Lunch yesterday. Yes, OK, a bit late, but not one bit less enjoyable for that. Nice, new to me, tiny restaurant a couple of towns along the valley, very good food and brilliant service especially considering that there were ten of us. I was impressed, and will drag the DSM there asap.

Today, I did drag him out - he has been in these four wall way too much, and it seemed to me a good plan to get him out into the real world, so we went to Salt's (whilst a country walk would have been more effective and cheaper, it was a miserable grey wet day and even he didn't fancy exposing himself to the elements. So, Salt's it was.) Via PC World because our printer had died and I needed new (again!!) earphones for my iPod because Barni had chewed one bud off the current ones in the night.......sigh.

Anyway - lunch in the bistro and then a good wander round. We actually did need more boxes of note cards, so useful for thank you letters, and the Gallery has great ones. And I found a lovely purple and gold cat-decorated notebook, because I have such a lack of them - ahem. And - I suddenly remembered that I had wanted "Return to the Hundred Aker Wood" for Christmas and hadn't got it, so today I did. We will both enjoy that.

I think it was a good plan, he seemed better this evening than some. Hope so.

Anyway - before even setting off, the postman brought me - ta da! - a new spindle that I had forgotten I had bought. From a maker on Etsy, in the US, came very quickly and effortlessly. Now, the photos are awful, because I have just taken them in poor light in a tearing hurry. But maybe it can be seen how impossible it was for me to resist....

Made from cd cases, so ecological, too. Plus, spins really, really well.

A business expense, of course.......

This evening I defied logic yet again, and attempted to prove that indeed one could complete a piece of knitting with too little yarn by knitting faster - not. So I had to frog my pygora mini-shawl back to half way. Ah, well, good for the soul, I suppose.

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Dorothy said...

The new spindle looks amazing, what a fun design.

I wonder if you get better food and service by delaying Christmas dinner until the rush is over?