Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After the horse has bolted

I'm as sure as I can be without having a test that I did get H1N1 at SOAR. So you might well wonder just why I have today been and had the vaccination.

The logic (?) goes like this: what I had was bad enough that if it wasn't H1N1, or any other sort of 'flu for that matter, I don't want them or anything resembling them. So, when offered, I accepted the jabs. Never have before; sign of getting older - or wiser??

That was my second trip out today - this morning was my favourite book group, we were fewer in numbers than usual because of the revolting weather conditions. Cold is one thing; cold and damp quite another. Snowy pavements, ditto; thick, sloppy slush, ditto. The car parks were particularly lethal, in town and at the Medical Centre. Oh, well, I'm home now, and safely indoors for a day. But someone at book group wants crochet lessons, so I volunteered, which will be fun.

I had intended to take photographs of various things, but with it being dark and wet outside, and therefore darkish inside, I have only done the ones fro my own purposes.

One was to be of the finished pygora and fine wool yarn, which is very pretty but not quite what I expected, even after a good whapping. But it will make a nice scarf or similar. I've been looking at "shawlette" patterns, with nice lace edgings, but actually, I don't think those would give me the effect I want. I need to find the time to sit and stare at a piece of blank paper. I'm wondering about short rows to make a slightly frilled edging, and just a few decorative yarn-overs.....

First attempt at a photograph:


Try again:

And this is a silly little doodad I knitted over the last couple of nights:

That was displacement activity in lieu of finishing off the "Safflower" shrug. It is done - but I am not sure how I feel about it. It is much smaller than I usually wear things, although not so very different from the illustration; I can't decide if it is usable or not. If not, do I rip it all out? (There isn't enough yarn to make that design any larger.) Or do I throw it into the washing machine, felt it, and turn it in to a bag? At least having finished it I can see the construction (which was not at all clear previously) so I now know how to make a larger version. Which I think I will do - it is a boring knit, but would make a good travel project some time.

I have also spun the first spindle's worth of the Extended Coven 2010 Christmas project, which is not bad going. My aim is to be knitting with it by the time we go to Cornwall - h'mm. Not at all sure about that!

Now to the mohair......


Nancy said...

Your Pygora/Fine Wool yarn is very nice and what beautiful colors; I'm sure it will make a lovely something.

Even though I'm pretty sure I got H1N1 at SOAR as well, I also got the vaccine - don't ever want to be that sick again!

Donna said...

I love that purple and green yarn. My favorite combination!