Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing hookey

By which I don't really mean crocheting, although I am at the moment - pure experimentation, and if at all successful will be revealed some when.

No, I mean Going Out, and therefore not addressing (even in the lackadaisical way I do it) The Chaos. I have been doing a bit. I shuffled through and around the sock yarn stash and shocked even myself. I have informed the DSM that we need to speed-knit plain vanilla socks to try to reduce it to manageable size fast. He did not look impressed with this as a plan.

So dull, being a one-project person.....

No, I have been out gadding. If one of my favourite things is meeting up with the Book Groups that I attend, then it is meeting up with the Fibre Groups that I attend. And I have done both today.

Non Fiction Book Group this morning (actually, it is some of the same people as the Fiction Book Group, and none the worse for that.) Particularly good as we have been reading Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" which even though I have some issues with it, is still a good read as anything of hers is. And it made for a very good discussion, during which I learned from an authoritative source that the "Five a Day" rule was plucked from the air, or rather, decided upon because "children can count to five on one hand, so they can relate to that." Srsly.

The intention behind it is good.......sigh.

Anyway, after an afternoon of fairly impressive toil catching up with office-type things at my desk and computer, and consulting with a plumber the while (multi-tasking? I does it!) I threw a very quick supper of veggie fried rice together, and, abandoning the DSM, buggered orf to the pub to meet with fellow fibre freaks. Two very pleasant hours of chat and spindle spinning.

So, nothing dramatic to report.


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