Saturday, January 09, 2010

It is still snowing

From time to time. And so very bitterly cold!

We are forecast for a few more days of it, after that, they are being cautious. I am becoming extremely unpopular amongst my acquaintance - someone said to me this morning that they could "hear me grinning..." because I freely admit to still loving it, despite the inconveniences. What's not to like? The sky is bright, the land gleams and glistens, birds show up excitingly against the icescape, the trees are all frosted, iced, frilled, etched against the snow as well. It is quite beautiful. Yes, it is cold. But what are handspun, handknit garments for if not to warm us up? Yes, I do know that it is hard for some, but we are doing our bit to make sure that those that need assistance are getting it. Yes, that is somewhat cavalier and glib, I'll grovel a bit now. But I can't apologise for my delight in our fantasy landscape, and I dread the return of the dank dark that we mostly suffer from through the winter (summer, too!)

This image has appeared widely in the media and on the internet, from the University of Dundee, so I will make little apology for shamelessly ripping it off, it is so fantastic. This must be unprecedented, I think.

That's snowy!

I haven't taken any more photographs myself recently, maybe I should get out tomorrow after Bear Knitters? I am fortunate in that I can easily get out, the lane is pretty snowy and the road when you reach it far from clear, but my little four wheel drive copes just fine - hence I am able to take a friend shopping and to appointments and so forth.

Because we had to venture out today, and a friend needed a rise too, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at a favourite pub. Normally I would eschew veggie lasagna and chips (even thought the chips at this particular place are some of the best I know) but today, that seemed just the job. It also means that supper can be light, and so I am attempting a new soup that my sister had at the Bear recently - Thai cauliflower with coconut. I started with onion (of course!), chopped the cauli, added a potato for a bit of thickness, and simmered in veggie stock until tender. Then I shall liquidise, add the amount of Thai curry sauce that seems appropriate, ditto coconut milk, possibly S&P. I'll let you know.

Various fibre pursuits to write up, but none quite done and photographed. This is fabulous weather for sitting knitting and indeed spinning. I'm about to go and do more of it!


ciuccia said...

i am with you all the way, Carol. I find this weather utterly magical.

m said...

I love it too, apart from the frozen rutted snow in the cycle lanes here! Tonight it was a bit warmer, and had turned to slimy slush. Either way, I have slowed down a few cars recently on the only apology for hills that we have here, the two bridges over the Erewash Canal in Long Eaton.

beadlizard said...

Saw a wonderful colourwork cardi last night at a concert -- the lady bought it in Devon -- it had truly splendid badgers(!) around the bottom and an oak leaf pattern. The lady said she saw another badger sweater at the concert. Badgers invading from England! I was wishing I could teleport there, visit you, then jaunt off to Devon...