Sunday, September 28, 2008


A fine and sunny weekend, no less.

The weekend started on Friday night, with a very pleasant dinner at a nearby restaurant that we had been keen to try. My niece is a good lass, and gathers family and friends together when it is around her birthday. It was a lovely evening, a really good meal, too.

As we came out, we were struck by the proverbial "nip in the air" - it felt really wintry. Back up at the house, where there is less light pollution, we could see a completely clear sky with stars twinkling fit to bust.

Next morning was bright and sunny, and we headed off for Masham Sheep Fair. Which felt very strange, as usually when we go there, the weather is grey and dank, if not actually raining.

Presumably because of the weather, Masham was bursting at the seams with visitors. We had a great time wandering around, bumping into friends and indeed family - his, not mine this time - and in my case spending a ;little money. I suppose that as we about to go off on a major spindle-trapping expedition it was a bit daft to buy a new Spindlewood, but it was so pretty, I couldn't resist. Plus a little fibre, sufficient to spin the yarn for a pair of socks. I started it whilst sitting on a bench in the sunshine in the churchyard whilst everyone else went off to watch the sheep races. (I have some qualms about this, and was much happier doing what I was doing.)

Suffolk sheep

A not very special photo of a Suffolk ram - love the black heads!

Jacob ram

A fine Jacob ram.

And then let's see if these work - traditional English village pursuits!

The first;

And on second thoughts, the only, as the other is so very similar, and just how much British idiocy can anyone be expected to take! Not that I am knocking Morris dancing, I love it and have known many fine dancers.

OK, so, after a greyish start, today was another lovely day. We had a few chores to do, but then decamped outside with spinning wheels and kittens. The combination was not felicitous! Felinitous or felonious, maybe......

That Ruby is one big problem. She is too bold by half, and wants to Explore, with no fear of people or dogs. Cars she is reasonably wary of. anyway, we had a bit of a wander around with them, and then sat for an hour or so and spun Shetland tops for knitting samples. All nice and peaceful. I just hope I haven't collected any more midge bites, one armful is enough, thank you very much.

Two more days!!

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