Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seeing red

No, I'm not angry. Well, no more than usual at the state of the world, and its "Emperor's New Clothes" attitude; and the lies and the spin and the cheating and the, I'm no more angry than usual.

I'm looking at real things.

I was out taking photographs - to which we shall come - and then, uploading them from the camera, I found this one.


Seaweed, taken at Hemmick, of course. but it fits so well with today's theme, that I include it. I like it, anyway.

Then there is this.


I am not actually that huge a fan of sedum. but today, the colour is right, and besides, they are attracting hundreds and hundreds of beautiful butterflies, swathes of peacocks and tortoisehells and red admirals (there's that colour again!) So, it earns a place here.

But what I really went out to photograph was the shawl. The dyeing is finished. I still haven't blocked it, but here we be, and let me tell you, I am thrilled with it.

red shawl

The colour is slightly more subdued than it appears to my monitor. And just exactly what I had wanted, if I had known what that was. Best of all, it does appear to be dyed evenly!

Well, zipedeedoodah! I know that technically it is my second lace shawl, but it feels like my first. The first with a lace edging, anyway, and one of those fancy schmancy real and actual patterns. So, I'm crowing (and that's not something you hear very often!)

If and when anyone sees it in the flesh, you will be amazed by all the flaws and fudges and whatevers. Say nowt. I'm just sayin'.

OK, we are in to countdown time. One week today and we are gone. There's a fair bit to do. Which probably includes a trip to Masham - well, gotta get the priorities right......


Sara said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see it (and you) in person :).


beadlizard said...

The dyeing looks perfectly level. Excellent! Great depth of shade, too. Can we see a photo of *you* wearing the shawl?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning, what a color.