Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The weekend in Cornwall passed off very happily. A slight delay in leaving, nothing untoward considering the time of year; an uneventful flight. The entire trip took us only just over five hours.

The DSM's ma was in very fine form, looking amazingly well and more than up to wrestling me over who should do the washing up after breakfast each morning. We took her out to lunch on both days and had a lovely time.

But what was so astounding about the whole thing was that The Sun Shone.

Should I repeat that? I almost feel that I have to as the rain lashes down here this afternoon, yet again, and the weekend seems nought but a distant memory.

It was fine on the Friday afternoon after our arrival, and we went for a walk on the beach - and I paddled. Saturday, the sun shone for most of the day; we went up to Respryn, just at one edge of the Lanhydrock estate, walked along the river bank, and I paddled, then sat in the sun eating a delicious local ice-cream. Sunday afternoon, yet again the sun came out, and we went to Caerhays, walked on the beach for a while and I paddled! Then we sat knitting, watching all the family parties doing the timeless things that people actually still seem to do on English beaches.

By the time we came to leave on Monday, it was threatening rain, but we managed to hand over he car and get into the airport (which seems an everso slightly fanciful name for the set-up at Newquay, I have to say!) without getting wet. And enjoyed an even less eventful return flight with no hold-ups at all worth mentioning. Definitely an extremely civilized way to visit DMIL.

I took a very few photographs which I have yet to upload. Later, later.

I cast on a new Jaywalker on an Araucania yarn, and got as far as the heel (all that sitting around in the sun - that's fast for me!) Also did a fair bit of spindle spinning, testing a new one. More later, maybe.

Nice interlude, anyway. But the mogs were glad to have us back.


ambermoggie said...

Welcome back and glad you had a good weekend with sun:)

Barbara Blundell said...

What is this thing called "sun " ?