Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nothing but cats

Kittens provide you with endless entertainment. Kittens are a source of great joy - and frustration. Kittens - well, who would be without them?

Kittens grow up and become cats. And those statements above hold just as true, but even more so.

Taken a few days ago......

Shall I be bad?

Barni, no doubt plotting badness, by the look in his eye. Or giving me the hard word not to even consider carding him, thank you very much!

Me? Be bad?

Ruby, quietly getting on with actually being bad, whilst Barni distracts us.

Kittens are considered adult at nine months old. Which is, for these two snowshoes, today. So here they are - all grown up.

kittens come of age

Or, just possibly......not.


ambermoggie said...

They are gorgeous Carol

beadlizard said...

They are so beautiful. Jealous! If only DD didn't sniffle so around cattens... --Syl