Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's my fault

Although fault isn't the right word, we needed the rain. Plus the sun does seem to back again this morning. Still and all, it may be that the heatwave has broken, even if summer has not yet come to an end.

What did I do? Washed this -


This is the little jacob fleece that followed me home on Friday. I had vowed to myself that it wouldn't simply get put alongside the other fleeces acquired over the last couple of years, that this time I would really do something with it, straight away. So, into the water it went, and then thrown out into the sun to drip.

If this sounds an odd way to wash a fleece, well, not only do I not have that marvel of technology a top loading washing machine (most Brits don't, they are too big for our more bijou residences) but I can't use my front loader to spin the water out either because I don't have a spin cycle without a rinse. Baldly, the DSM bought the washer in an emergency when I was away from home - but I'm not sure that it would have occurred to me either that a washing machine could be so....stupid. So, until this one bites the dust, washing fleece is decidedly problematic.

In other respects, the rain did us a favour, dragged us inside to the computer to do a few things. I do so love the internet! The DSM has booked a flight, for the first time, to Cornwall in September, so he can have a quick visit to his mother for her birthday. And we booked for this. Simple as anything, and I can never get over the thrill of arranging something half a world away with a few clicks and key strokes.

The strange thing is we were supposed to be going to see the same opera in Leeds the month before, but had to give the tickets to friends as we were teaching over in Lancashire and couldn't make the start time. We are spending a few days in the city before SOAR, we maybe need to research a few more things to do!

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Leigh said...

Ooo, I love working with Jacob. It's a lovely fleece. Of course you needed it!