Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Feeling the heat

I have been tagged by Leigh.

Well, I am all too happy to sit in front of the computer, or rather, the fan that I have set on high speed, for a few minutes. So, here goes.

5 things I always have in my purse (trans. handbag)

1. Keys
2. Mobile phone
3. Mini-Filofax
4. Lip salve
5. Bach's Rescue Remedy

5 things I always have in my wallet (trans. purse)

1. Enough change for a car park
2. Credit & debit cards
3. Library card
4. AA membership card
5. Receipts from at least three months' worth of supermarket etc transactions

5 things I always have in my refrigerator

1. Real coffee
2. Skimmed milk
3. Free range eggs
4. Black olives
5. Dead carrots

5 things I always have in my closet (trans. wardrobe?)

1. Several pairs of interesting coloured lace-up ankle boots.
2. Long skirts.
3. Several garments that I haven't worn in a long time.
4. Many funky scarves.
5. Dust mammoths.

5 things I always have in my car

1. The owner's manual
2. Sunglasses
3. A spare pair of OTC reading glasses
4. A windscreen scraper
5. Dead car parking stickers

5 things I always have on my desk

1. A pile of stuff waiting to be actioned.
2. A mug from the Metropolitan Opera Gift Shop with pens in it
3. Sellotape
4. Notebooks
5. Tweezers
(Before anyone panics, the computer is adjacent to the desk)

5 people to tag....will have to wait while I think about it. I'll do my best!

There, nothing too controversial. I should have lied......

As to literally feeling the heat, I had to do a runner from my Tuesday morning Book Group, which I am seriously pissed off about, but I couldn't stand the heat in the room a moment longer. Interestingly, given that I always feel I am the only one out of step, after I got up to go someone else leapt (figuratively speaking)to her feet and left as well. We were upstairs in an old building, on its sunny side, and it was like the proverbial oven. So, after reading email &etc, I am back to my lurking spot by the door, and it is iPod and knitting/spinning for me for a while. This extreme heat is not set to linger for much longer. I don't want to see the end of the beautiful skies and sun, but the temperatures have been a bit much. Never satisfied, are we?

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