Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Calm after the storm

Weatherwise, it wasn't much of a storm. Little bit of this, little bit of that, nothing to write home about. I'm talking more about - well, sort of internal, private storm. By which I mean going en famille yesterday. No dramas, squabbles, everything fairly sweetness and light, apart from Mama not being at her most philosophical. But I dunno, just the family dynamic, I guess. Too many of us all in one small room? Or maybe it was just me........

A Friend (yo!) just asked me on the phone how I was getting on with my new wheel, to which I had to reply that I had barely touched it. I seem to find it harder and harder to find the time to spin these days. Several reasons for that; one, ahem, I spend way too much time on the internet - trying to cut it down, but just as I reduce the email lists I am on, so the blogs hot up.......There are such interesting blogs out there. Got to thinking today after a trawl around, how a subject will come up in one area of blogdom and another more or less simultaneously. Actually, I seem to recall from my college days that this phenomenon was documented with regard to children's playground games (ref: Opie & Opie: The Games Children Play IIRC) A new one would appear at about the same time at opposite ends of the country. At the moment it is how number and mathematics play an important role in knitting, weaving and maybe, spinning. So that's where I fall short then. Numbers and me are oil and water. Can't handle them, retain them, see them. I'm a feeling kind of - oh, heck, I am being forced to say "gal" - sorry! I know how I want something to be and it just gets thrown on to the needles and I clickerclacker away and then. Usually failure, but not always. Design by intuition - intuition serves me well in many ways, but not always when it comes to design. This is something I need to mull.

I must just document my tulips. Despite everything the weather has chucked at them, they have been quite gorgeous.

This was the first pot, and the paler ones are nearly over, but you can still see their charm:


This is a close up of one of the above - still a really pretty colour:

another tulip!

The darker purple ones, still at their peak. I love this colour.

dark tulip

And finally, this one, which is so delicate and beautiful. I think it could be interpreted in silk somehow. I might do a bag.

cream tulip

That's a nice thought to mull around as well.


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