Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mutterings and mumblings

Chunter, chunter, chunter........

Realised on Thursday that I was getting a cold. Buggrit. I absolutely hate having a cold, in case you hadn't noticed.

Fortunately, it wasn't too bad on Friday, as it was the AH class. (I only hope that I haven't given it to anyone there, but the classroom was so hot that it is not impossible. Sorry, if so.) Actually, the day went very well, and I felt fine - until I got home, at which point I collapsed into honks and snuffles.

This meant that it seemed wise to cancel lunch and a certain amount of fibre sampling with DSIL (and DBIL, although he won't have attempted the fibre sampling!) on Saturday. Which I was considerably pissed off about, as I had been looking forward to it. Ah, well.

However, this cold has been what you might call nasty, brutish and short, so it is all over bar the shouting now. Which is just as well, as it was book group this morning.

Not book group as we generally know it, though. There has been a brouhaha. A flurry of emails, hurling insults and accusations. Rights and wrongs on both sides. Which has resulted in one door closing and another one opening, as one might say.

I said my piece, and am clinging on to the wreckage (well, I hope it isn't quite that!) I have been reminded slightly of tots in a kindergarten - a little bit of plain and open speaking might have spared us all the angst. Actually, I am jolly pleased with myself, as I remained entirely calm whilst saying what I wanted to say.

Ay di mi - I thought I was past the age when this sort of thing happened!

All the above has meant not all that much good fibre work has been done, although I have finished the Noro giant socks, which are as we speak going through the washer yet again, as they seem very reluctant to shrink! And I am forging ahead with the blue cormo, despite spinning it at only just a gnat's whisker above frog hair. (I want to get a decent size lace shawl out of ten ounces.) I am extremely glad that I started spinning it so soon rather than composting it, as it is already very, very slightly compacted, enough to mean that an extended draw doesn't go all that well, which is a bit of a pain. Not literally, at least not after the first session - I need to remember to have rests frequently to relieve cramped fingers.

I will get some decent (well, ish) photographs of things eventually, but to be going on with, here is the sunset from Friday afternoon as we were driving away from AH. I am keeping the old camera in the car permanently now for just this sort of eventuality. A very little bit darker overall than it actually was, but the sunset colours are just about right. Glorious.

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