Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Any excuse.....

When I was at Guild the other week, someone told me - really and truly, no kidding! - that they loved it when I put photographs of the cats on the blog.

Oh dear.

I happened to have the camera to hand this afternoon when young Barni was disporting himself on the Ryeland rug, and well - how could I resist?

But first - the elegant if scrawny senior citizen, Neelix.

Then there is the quiet and good (except in the hunting season) Ruby.

And finally, we get to the shameless beast himself. But he is beautiful!

I have been slaving over a hot computer for most of the day dealing with stuff. But some fibre has passed through my hands, both spinning and knitting. For no particular reason, I decided that this was the right moment to cast on for the square strip throw. Much easier to start than the circular one, that's for sure. There are times when mindless garter stitch knitting is just the job.

But this below is some singles that I have spun for an investigation. It looks as if one lot has much more twist than the other, but I think what has happened is that the first skein was stretched on the niddy noddy for quite a while. I am going to wash them before knitting, and then do some samples.

And finally, the dreaded giant socks. At this stage, they have been through the washing machine twice, and have barely shrunk at all (that is a five pence piece in the middle, roughly the same size as a - um - dime? the little one, anyway.....)

I tried a little bit of hand felting, and nothing seemed to be altering, so then they went in to the tumble dryer quite damp. Nothing. So tomorrow, they will get a very hot wash, and if that doesn't do it - anyone got a man in need of a giant pair of socks who doesn't mind wearing turquoise and purple (I wonder if I overdye them and boil them what would happen? Now there's a thought!)

G'night, folks.

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Freyalyn said...

If all else fails Mark has enormous feet and is brave at bright socks!