Monday, January 10, 2011

At last!

Any thoughts that I might have had about being a more frequent and regular blogger have obviously failed. Completely. And really, not my fault.

I have been planning a post for days, and things have just been conspiring against me. I might even have sat down to get started and then, yet again, the phone would go, as has happened just now - not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but it all hinders the blogging.

Last week I spent a lot of time on the phone playing hunt-the-mother. We came home from visiting friends last Monday to a frantic message on the answerphone that she was having to go in to hospital suddenly - fortunately immediately followed by another message from my sister saying not to panic, nothing all that much wrong, more later....

Then silence. So Tuesday morning, I rang her room several times, then the actual care home number and finally the local hospital, where she still was. Then there was all the faff of actually getting through to the ward - the staff are all so busy that they tend to ignore the inside lines, but external ones fare better. Eventually found out what she was in for, and that all was going well, and that she might be out in a couple of days....then the next time I rang, she had been moved to another ward, so more numbers to ring. I wasn't worried, per se, just wanted to know what the f.c.u.k. was going on.

Anyway, she is home now - and it seems as though it was not after all an emergency admission, but I still don't really know for sure. Madam is prevaricating..........ah well.

But. I have been making slow progress on fibre stuff. This is the disappointing grey Shetland/Zwartbles fluff, spinning finished, plying nearly so.

It will be overdyed. I would like to achieve burnt orabge, but it remains to be seen if I can. I should finish plying it today. It has become something of an article of faith that I do spin and make something with this stuff, because it isn't what I had thought it would be when I bought it, and I wouldn't have bought it if I had known. For some twisted reason that means that I have to get it done, and fairly fast, and made in to something useful. What a warped mind I have.

But the angora/silk stole is moving on very nicely.

And here it is with the edging started (I've gone rather further than that now, too.)

It was Bear Knitters yesterday - a really nice gathering. But I hadn't wanted to take the stole, so I cast on a ginormous pair of socks in Noro Kureyon to felt down in to "boots", something I have been meaning to do for ages. The hats, by the way, have been hanging around in an unfelted state as the first go through the washing machine did nothing at all. They have been through twice more on a rather hotter temperature today, and are nearly there. In the tumble dryer at the moment, which I hope will do the trick and No More!

So, I am overall quite pleased with how it goes so far. Could do better (couldn't I always....) More bright weather would help.

We have had two more brief bouts of the lovely white stuff, but now have normal winter grey and blah. Very nasty.

As soon as the grey is finished, something bright and gorgeous will go on the wheel. That'll help.

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Cassandra said...

Good luck with the mother, that must be stressful. And don't worry about the blogging; remember, you do it for fun! We're just happy to see you when you do write for us.