Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Well, duh!

But actually, my spinning mojo had somewhat deserted me over the last several weeks, but suddenly, to my great joy, it appears to have returned.

I finished off a couple of small projects, and then went back to the grey alpaca and silk. I love this blend at most times, and this was a particularly nice one. Alpaca can be a bit tricksy to spin, all too easy to turn it into rope. That is why so many advocate blending it with something, sometimes wool, but I very much like it with silk. But I had not been enjoying the process with this grey previously.

As I returned to it, things were very different. Apart from ma mojo, something wasn't quite the same. I can't actually remember (shame on me) just how I had been spinning it, but all of a sudden it seemed the right thing to so to tear off a chunk from the roving, fold it in my hand and use an extended draw. This meant that I was drafting out fast, and could easily stop at just the right point for optimum twist for a yarn that was as soft as possible but structurally sound. No over twist; no drifting apart.

Worked a treat. Of course, I did have help......



The fibre prep was just what I like - not totally homogenised, so there are distinct flecks of white silk in the yarn for a very slightly tweedy effect. I hope.


So - immediately on to the next project, catching the wave. A black and sparkly blend from World of Wool. I bought - ahem - four. Black, green, teal and purple. To spin and knit up quickly for shawlettes. Can never have too many.

We get the studio on 1 March. The DSM wants to slap a coat of paint on it, I want to get up and running. He is right, dammit. I intend taking a chunk of the stash down there to spin up with multiple objectives; to improve my spinning and to extend my spinning range; and to build a stash/stock of yarn to improve my design and execution of projects skills.

Yikes, how pompous!

We have had a pretty dusting of snow today, but as forecast it has turned to rain, sadly. Back to dank and grey, I'm afraid. Ah, well, nice while it lasted.

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Christina said...

I think the secret of the improved spinning is obviously because the cat was helping.