Monday, May 14, 2012

No seaside trip for us

We are still in HB. Not going to Cornwall after all. The DSM knew that he had a cold, but it seemed just an insignificant one that wouldn't trouble him. Then I got it. And his started getting much worse by the hour. So we very reluctantly made the sensible decision not to risk passing it on to DMIL, nor knackering ourselves more than we need. We shall go to the funeral - should be improving by then.

It also has the benefit that we shall only be away for a couple of days in the unlikely event that Ruby should come back.

Alvar Lidell

News of fresh disasters? From "Beyond the Fringe". Although interestingly, if you google it, apparently the majority believe that AL really did say it. I have tried to find it online, but can't, but it prompts me to look for a notorious BBC wireless commentary where an extremely drunken commentator describes the Fleet as "all lit up". Nearly as funny as Aggers and Jonners.....I had better stop before I lose my entire audience.

But at least it has given me a giggle. Which has then made me coff.

Bad language.........

(Oh, and paragraphs - I have clicked something. We shall see.)
ETA - yesssss!

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Christina said...

You are thinking of Thomas_Woodrooffe

Wikipedia says his faux pas is "regularly rebroadcast" and I must have caught one of them once.