Tuesday, May 01, 2012


.....a series of events, ideas or things that are connected. Actually, I am not sure that this is quite the right word for what has been going on, but it is such a lovely one, making a fine title for a blog post that I shall use it anyway. My name is Carol and I write a blog. Yes, I really do. You might be forgiven for thinking that I had faded away, but it has not been all due to my accidie. (Another fine word - I'm that way about today. Meaning, of course, sloth, apathy or indifference.) It had been my intention to do lots of lovely posts with lots of lovely photographs while we were in Norfolk. Turned out that we were in a wireless black spot, and could not get any signal with either 3Connect or T Mobile. Apart from the occasional enforced visit to a pub with free wifi to download any urgent email - there wasn't any - I could do nothing. I may do a post sometime with photographs, I don't know. I'll just say for now that we had a lovely time, the Guild that we were doing two workshops for were super and made us very welcome, the cottage in Blakeney was one of the best we have ever rented (can't wait to go back) and I came home feeling better than I have done for ages. Which was just as well. The cattery told us that Neelix had had no problems whilst we had been away, and I totally believe them. Other than the usual one of the babies pinching his food, so he was thinner than ever. We were not happy about how he seemed, and took him to the vet the day after we got home, actually expecting that this would be the final journey. The vet felt that there were things that we could do still that might help, and that as in most respects he seemed comfortable, we agreed. Unfortunately, he deteriorated overnight. Again, no blame. But this time, we were quite sure what had to be done. So it was goodbye to my lovely elegant boy. Neelix Here he is two years ago; we were so lucky to have him for over fifteen years, quite a long time for a siamese. He is greatly missed, but we do have the hellacious snowshoes, and just maybe they will be joined by more later on in the year. I had been really worried that when my mother died, Neelix would also, as happened with my father and Fred. Yes, totally daft, I know, but there you are. That's me. What actually happened was obviously not that, and I do realise that the events are not connected at all, but....five days later, the DSM's aunt died. I should not have been stunned, she was not in the best of health, over ninety and well ready to go. But we had thought she had stabilised, got through the winter and would be around for a while longer. We had seen her in February, and had hoped to visit again soon. But thus is the way of the world. In the forty plus years of my knowing her, I had got very fond of her indeed, and so there is now someone else to miss. Not sure yet when the funeral will be, but as it will be in Somerset where she lived, we will go on down to Cornwall for a couple of days to see DMIL as well. So we shall be on our travels again. I'm reeling a bit from all of this. In these sort of circumstances, I tend to feel like one of those little round-bottomed figures that you give a push to and they rock away without falling over (stop tittering at the back, there.) My presence here may be a bit patchy still for a while, or perhaps not, I really don't know. I like writing a blog, and I ain't giving up fibre for a while, that's for sure, so it may soon be service as normal. Tonight, though, is the great SOAR sign-up moment, and we shall be poised, poised I tell you, for the moment the button appears on our screens. It is a good job that there are quite a few workshops that we would like to do this year, as (and yes, I have said this before, but this time it looks really likely) we shall probably not go next year. We have been offered a really exciting workshop opportunity and there may well be a date clash. Now, there's an incentive to keep me blogging! Of that. more much later. Other stuff soon. Bear with me, and send the odd virtual hug my way, eh?


Nina in the Northwoods said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pete's aunt and dear Neelix. Please accept my condolences.

I hope you are both successful in getting your chosen classes for SOAR. I, sadly, will not be attending this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carol and Pete I am speechless and my heart is with you both.
I can't believe that Aunt Pat has gone; she was a lovely woman and had a good heart. Give your Mum a hug from me,please.
I am heartbroken about Neelix also. Even though he called me evil lady who takes my bed I loved him. We had to put Maggie down , she was 15 also, 3 weeks ago. I miss her so much.
This is the first time in 44 years we have had no dogs. Have fun at SOAR! Love to you both me

Pete said...

I could embarrass you by saying that, round-bottomed though you may be, it's a very lovely round bottom. Oops! I just did. :D

Sara said...

So sorry on both counts. Hugs all around, even to the DMIL, whom I have never met, but for whom this must be a very sad loss.

Take care, see you anon, etc.

Sarah said...

So sorry about lovely Neelix and your Aunt (IL). Hugs.

Anonymous said...

A virtual hug from Mary, Annette and Liz - we'll give you a real one at SOAR!