Sunday, September 04, 2011


There had been a note through the door when we got back from Scotland from Parcelforce, which had surprised me as I didn't think I was expecting anything. Then I had a glimmer of a thought, but didn't dare let the excitement run free.

It took a few days to get the delivery organised. Friday, the parcel arrived, and yes, it was from the US, and again yes, it was heavy. Could it be?

It was.

A large part of the weekend has been devoted to browsing through it. This book is amazing. Beautifully presented, beautifully researched, a mine of information about the fibres, and all sorts of interesting little snippets alongside. I know from reading Deb's blog what a long and hard job it was to get it done, but, wow indeed, it was truly worth it, and there muct surely be a lot of grateful spinners out there. Each fleece/fibre is fully analysed, documented, illustrated in a clear and totally informative way. It is useful and enthralling. Yes, I know, I am burbling, but it gets you like that. Now I want to get my hands on some of the breeds therein that I haven't spun yet......

I realised that I have been knitting away on the latest shawl without putting up a photograph. It is the Captiva wrap, by Carol Feller. I bought the pattern at Knit Nation last year, mainly because the stall had a kntted example on display, and so you could see the elegance of it. It is a beautiful wrap, and perfectly staightforward to knit, but in some ways something of a pain. Because of all the short rows, and the undulating edging, you have to constantly count, even though it is mainly garter stitch.

Still, it is working up quite well, although I am keeping my fingers crossed that it really is going to block out to the right depth.....

I would like to get it finished for SOAR, but that may be a wish too far. Arrangements for which trip are nearly all in place. More of a trippery trip and rather less SOAR, for various reasons, this year. Nine days at the shore at the very top of Cape Cod, three days at SOAR itself, and then a couple of days in Boston. Fingers crossed again that there are no hurricanes while we are there!

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Freyalyn said...

It is indeed a lovely, amazing, and incredibly informative book. I devoured it quickly on first arrival, and am now dipping in delightfully.