Friday, June 17, 2011


Is all one can do, really. Annoying appointment with the consultant on Wednesday in which I learnt nothing new, and received no further treatment or prognosis, so of course being me, I promptly had a couple of roughish days. Resulting in the DSM bravely doing th AH class all on his own - and dyeing, to boot! What a gem the man is - all that and rice pudding, too.....

Still, my unexpected day at home has done me the power of good, I have had a nice rest, phoned the mater, had another nice rest, sorted out some possible knitting, as the shawl I started the other day was refusing to go right, taken some photographs and begun final preparations for tomorrow's departure to Cumbria. And here I am blogging.

First up:

This is a little bracelet/wristwrap pattern from Yarn Forward (or whatever it calls itself nowadays.) Badly spindle spun yarn, but it was just a try-out. And just spot what happened as I went to photograph it! The ceramic button either was, or just broke. I maybe need to re-think what buttons to use for these.

This will be the next. I have a lovely handmade button a friend gave me that matches perfectly (stitched, so not breakable!) It can go as a holiday project. Nice fibre, I think from a SOAR workshop, but can't remember for certain.


the finished spindle spun cormo with spindle spun silk edging shawletee. Not huge, not perfect, but very cute. The light today is appalling, and there is some drizzle, so this was about the best I could do photograph-wise. I am still debating whether or not to dye it, but am leaning towards not. I don't have a white one - but then again.......magenta would be nice (brazilwood+ammonia.)

And this

HBHmP 2011/1

is the DSM with his young fanclub at the Hebden Handmade Parade/Worldwide Knit in Public Day. They were great kids, asked really sensible questions, but then, this is HB!!

So, off to Cockermouth and Woolfest tomorrow. The weather forecast is not all that great (well, there's a surprise!) but we have loads to do whether rain or shine, up to and including having a jolly good rest (interspersed with some exercise).

Look, if you are combining beautiful scenery with a familiar and much loved location, lots of fibre, music and books of one sort or another, shopping, and visiting old friends ...... what's not to like!

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