Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer returns.........

It is not quite as hot, but the weather has steadily been improving all week and today is once again glorious.

As we have had workshop days for the two days previously, it is nice to be able to loaf about and bask, although I have been driven indoors for a while because I got just too hot. Where we sit is well sheltered from any breeze and is a right little sun trap - mid-afternoon finds the sun directly on our seats, with nowhere to move them. Still, at least I can get a blog post done!

The workshop days were nice. One the regular A~H class, a small but choice group. We changed the day because so many people said they wouldn't be coming because of the Royal Wedding (I'm not saying a word......) but we didn't muster many this Friday either. Still, a good day.

Yesterday was a workshop on "new" fibres at Bradford, our own guild. I always tend to rather dread such occasions - not quite sure why - but this time, it was great. A huge group - the DSM who was acting as my lovely assistant and handing out the fibres counted eighteen participating with several more listening in. Despite a certain lack of total organisation on my part, it went, I think, well. Certainly people seemed to have a very good time, which is always nice to achieve.

One of the members had brought along a match pair of intriguing objects, and I will be very interested to hear if anyone has any clue as to what they might be. She had bought them as "spindles" from eBay, knowing quite well that they were not, but thinking they were interesting and attractive enough to buy anyway. I quite agree.

I realised when I uploaded them that I had not added anything to give scale - they are around 4" tall. The pointed peg fits in to the ball on the top of the whatever-it-is, and you can see the mark on it at the depth to which it fits. The ring just above the base is one of those carved of a piece with the rest of the object. From the way the underside of the base appeared, we all thought machine turned, but equally, several years old. It crossed my mind that they might have been some sort of apprentice piece, maybe?

Then - I have dyed the angora/silk shawlette.

For quickness, ease and simplicity, I just used Gaywool "Olive", but I am very pleased with the colour. As you can no doubt tell, the uneven mixing and therefore dyeing of the two fibres is very apparent, but I feel not in a way that screams "appalling dye job!!" So, I shall summon up my courage to do the larger shawl. I think I would like a kind of tawny/burnt orange shade, but not too in your face or garish. I have a horrible feeling that I shall have to sample.

Plus, I am on the umpteenth restart of the laceweight spindle spun cormo. It is an idiot proof pattern. Except for me. But I think I may have it cracked now - I just have to keep counting my stitches!

Off to Cambridge for Easter on Thursday. May or may not reappear before then.........


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

intriguing artifact:) I love the shawl, I think the colour reflects mossy mornings

Shani said...

The shawl is very inviting... lovely colours.. I agree with Ambermoggie.. mossy mornings spring to mind..

Best wishes Shani

Freyalyn said...

It's a pretty shawl. The shelves were a great help at Wonderwool - thank you so much. (We must do an Ikea before WF). Have a lovely Easter...