Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A mixture

I've been trying to get to writing a blog post for days. And obviously, failing.....

But, here we are, better late than never.

I was requested, last Thursday at Coven, to describe the kick-ass soup I had just made. I didn't photograph it, sorry - words will have to do.

I had carrots, probably around a kilo in weight; three medium onions; a couple of ribs of celery; a tin of chopped tomatoes; a tin of butterbeans; vegetable stock; and a chunk of fresh ginger root. I roughly chopped all but three of the carrots, two of the onions, and the celery and ginger and threw them in a large pan together with stock and the tomatoes to cook until soft. The remaining carrots and onion I diced, and cooked in a separate pan.

When the big panful was well done, I whizzed it all in the Magimix, and then with the little hand held gizmo to get it really smooth. Then added the diced bits and the butterbeans, and adjusted liquid and seasoning - a bit of black pepper. That was it, pretty much, and it was very yummy.

Also very useful - the simmering pan was just the job for steaming a skein of singles that I wanted nicely finished!

The day or two vanished with chores, and the Mothers Day Picnic. I've said before that as the mater no longer goes out, on high days and holidays we gather up whatever family members we can and a selection of foods from wherever - in this case, M&S - and take it over to liven up her diet a bit. She did very well with the food, still enjoys that, and seeing us all, particularly Alice, which is nice. But there are now definite signs of deterioration, both physical and mental, which is sad of course. Conversation is very limited and on a continuous replay loop, which we do try to be very patient with, but it can be hard when it gets stuck on a somewhat unreasonable instruction to one of us, which can and does happen! But it did go well, and I am glad that we do it.

Now, you may or may not remember this:

Which has now become this:

I had to frog it back to less than halfway, as although I thought that I had weighed and calculated how much yarn there was - I obviously hadn't! Anyway, done now, and I rather like it. Given that I wear black a lot, it will be a nice little note of colour.

I have immediately cast on another one similar in the remaining angora and silk, which should be a quick knit and then into an experimental dyepot, before attempting the large stole. AS I knit - and I have learnt the very simple edge pattern now so I can ruminate - I am pondering what dye/colour to use. No decision so far.........


wendy. said...

Love that, not too many holes, I am hopeless at lace knitting. What pattern did you use please. Wendy.

Spindlers2 said...

It is a nice, simple pattern and it looks good, too. It is called "Pimpelleise" and can be found here: