Monday, October 04, 2010

Round and round

This took longer to bring to the blog than I had hoped, because the weather has been appalling. Not just raining - deluging down. And the light levels in the house were useless for photography, so I had to wait.

In fact, going in to town with a friend yesterday to what was billed as a "Rag Market", we could hear the flood warning siren sounding, most alarming. The town escaped, I think, but both up and down the valley there was some flooding.

People often ask us if we are not afraid of being flooded where we live, but although we do indeed live just at the confluence of two small rivers, both are in deep stony river beds just here, so I cannot imagine it (fortunately!) happening. We do sometimes get rain water cascading down the lane if the fall is very heavy - as it was yesterday - but we are in no danger even from that.

But today, although it looked potentially ghastly first thing, the sun soon broke through and it has been a superb day. So, I was finally able to take the finished (ta da!) circular throw outside.

And here it is. I love it - I will love it more when it has been pressed. I've already washed it. I'm hoping that the ridges will not then be quite so pronounced. But perhaps that is just me being picky.

This long-awaited completion promptly led to a mini bout of startitis. I may already have mentioned the Wollmeise socks; now I am playing with the yarn spun from Freyalynn's fluff for a stole. My Jaywalker idea didn't seem quite right, so I spent some time this morning going through a few books and found a Shetland lace pattern that I think will adapt to what I have in mind. Of this, more later.

Then there is this:

I spun this yarn so long ago that I can't recall what it is. When I had spun it, I felt very disappointed with it, both the colour and the spinning. I think it is either from the Yarn Yard, or from Natural Dye Studio, bought at Woolfest. There certainly should be no problem with any colour from either of those - and there isn't. Digging it out, winding the ball, swatching - the yarn is lovely, and the muted colours look fabulous. I must have been having an off day.

The pattern is a simple triangular shawl from Fibrespates. If I don't get it finished, it will be small enough to be travel knitting, along with the other stole on the needles and a sock. Or two. I'm not doing a workshop at SOAR this year - I'm going to hang out and spin and knit for three days.

What's not to like.........


Sara said...

Love it. Everything: the round blanket, and the color of the diamond tip shawl.

So Autumnal :)!

Anonymous said...

What a smashing throw.
Just looking at it makes me smile
what a showpiece

Dorothy said...

I don't think I've ever seen a circular throw before, I love the bright warm colours!