Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mea maxima culpa

Too much gadding about! Book groups, knitting groups, lunches, theatres, visits to the mater, visits from people. Even spent an afternoon sitting out in the sunshine; therapy, I tell you. It's no good. Won't get the baby a new dress.....

(One of those many phrases from my childhood that I never really understood. What did that wretched baby need a new dress for - sorry, Pennie!)

I have been working, on all sorts of projects, but I don't have all that much exciting to show or tell about any of it. I have got a picot edged sock in Wollmeise to the point where the edging is done, so it can be airplane knitting; the latest simple lace shawlette is coming on quite nicely after a few froggings due to operator stupidity; and I am on the umpteenth sample for the "Volcano" colourway wrap because I can't come up with a pattern that looks all right other than plain vanilla stocking stitch which even I think might be a tad boring. I may (may!) even try a crochet sample, I'm getting that desperate. Or, alternatively, end up doing a waistcoat instead!

Tuesday I should have been going to the dentist, but had to cancel as it was the only day available to visit my mother in York. Nothing remarkable about the visit, all seems reasonably well, as far as one can ever tell. It was somewhat enlivened by her asking me to bring her some more cotton knickers back from the States as I did last time, and to make plain which ones she is talking about, she flips up her skirts a la Can Can, and shows me the ones she is wearing........


We had errands to run in the city after that - oh what a shame. So we had a nice lunch and then scooted on over to the Minster, because I had seen that as part of British Wool week there were folk there doing spinnery and sheepy things.

It was great. A very nice display, sheep being shorn, people spinning, petitions to sign.

A somewhat bemused gentleman.

Ditto sheep.

And some of their fluff, that was well interesting enough to have brought home with me, if only we had had a large plastic bag with us, and didn't still have several shops to trail around.

And some very competant spinning on a great wheel, which made me want to get my own out.

Alston tomorrow, which will be nice. A very large group again, apparently. Then Guild on Saturday. And after that the final countdown to SOAR. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to not doing a workshop! This may seen heretical, and a terrible waste of opportunity, but there wasn't a class I burned to do, and I did so fancy three entire days of pleasing myself with the added bonus of the company of spinners when I chose. There is an indoor pool at the resort, so I am planning to pack the cossie; I have a primed and ready to roll Kindle, my iPod will be in a similar state and - well, what a suprise! I have projects to take.

I'm even quite looking forward to the flight, outwards, at least. I have lots of folk songs downloaded from iTunes that I want to listen to, and a lot of stuff to get my head around by way of courses and projects various to plan. Seems quite a good opportunity - after all, I have to endure the flight, might as well make use of it as well, no?

I may or may not find something to blog about before we go, but the netbook goes with me, and we have wifi everywhere we are staying, so there may be the odd bit of travelogue.

Definitely getting excited!

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Cassandra said...

Oh, envious of SOAR! I love long flights, lots of time to watch bad movies, knit, plan... and you don't feel like you're wasting time. Have a great trip!